About us

keith & susan maddox

The Best Hat Store was founded in 1996 by Keith and Susan Maddox in the Historic Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas.


Keith and Susan both veterans in the western industry, brought a cumulative 51 years of experience when they embarked on The Best Hat Store journey. Having extensive knowledge in retail sales, buying and business practices, the inception of the store was another endeavor they knew they could conquer.


Once settled on the location, they immediately started selling cowboy hats from various brands, starting with a modest beginning of approximately 1,500 hats in stock. In addition to selling a variety of cowboy hats, Keith and Susan went on to purchase manufacturing equipment to create their own line of hats.


Having a knack for the finest in life, they embarked on the journey to create the highest quality hat on the market at the time and launched the Best Hat. The Best Hat was manufactured in the back of The Best Hat Store for over a decade.  Although the Best Hat is no longer in production, The Best Hat Store exclusively sells hats from American Hat Company, which is recognized as the highest quality cowboy hat on the market.


What initially started with a dream to sell the finest cowboy hats has since become a reality and The Best Hat Store has grown to become one of the country’s leading specialty hat stores. It now maintains a year-round inventory of more than 5,000 hats, including over 100 different felt styles alone. The Best Hat Store has stayed true to its name and prides itself on the one of a kind experiences, top-notch customer service and premier cowboy hats.


Keith Maddox passed away September 4, 2019 but Susan continues to oversee The Best Hat Store with the same passion Keith always had and promises to keep the best quality out there in the market.